3d visualization of the interior

 3d visualization of the interior, what is? This is a conceptual solution for your future interior. You can see how your apartment, or house, or cafe, or beauty salon or shop will look after renovation.

It is possible to make changes to the project at the initial stage, during the discussion. If the Customer cannot decide which color scheme to use on the object, the designer offers several options. Doubts arise about the chosen style, so visualization comes to the rescue.

Similarly, 3d visualization helps in choosing finishing materials, furniture and lighting. Visualization gives us the right direction, with the ability to make adjustments as we work on the design.


We offer our clients two service options. The first – we receive a ready-made set of materials, colors, and furniture from the architect. 

Next, we strictly follow instructions for changes in architecture or design. Because the preparation process is painstaking and there can always be nuances.
The second option – we can create a design for the room ourselves according to the requirements or examples from the client. 
We choose furniture, materials or colors ourselves. The client makes adjustments and wishes while working. Our designer, relying on his experience, on the technical task that he received during the interior discussion, creates the image of each room. 
Thanks to 3d visualization, we have the opportunity to see the interior down to the smallest details, understand the general idea and get an image that is as close to reality as possible. With 3d visualization, the project is more expensive, this is due to the laboriousness of the process and the time spent by the designer on its implementation.
Whatever your wishes and expectations are, we can make them come true!
We are always ready to meet our clients!

3d visualization of the interior

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