Enscape 3.4 – enhance your design experience

Enscape 3.4 – with this release, developers provide a few valuable updates to existing features to further improve your design and visualization experience.

Improvements include the addition of categories for the custom asset library, the ability to save sun positions in the view, further edit existing views, and improved reflections. New interior design assets and materials are also available, as well as support for Archicad 26.

If you’re new to Enscape, we invite you to try it for free. And if you’re already part of our community, you know what to do 😉. Download Enscape 3.4 today and enjoy a smoother way to design and visualize your projects.

What to expect from Enscape 3.4

Categories have been added to the custom asset library to better manage your assets. Ordering and filtering just got a whole lot easier, and you don’t have to scroll through an entire library to find what you need.

Categories for the custom asset library

You can drag assets that have already been imported into your newly created categories in order to organize them easily. Also, for users who share your libraries, the pre-created categories are visible to all users. For more information about this update, see our detailed knowledgebase article.

Save sun positions in Enscape

It is now possible to save your sun positions in the Enscape views. Present your scenes in the best natural light and use the sun to highlight special design elements. This will make your project stand out and look even more compelling to clients.

Sliders and input fields have been provided so that you can easily re-display particular sun positions for other views. Now you can set, save and recall sun positions for single views quickly and easily.

Prior to this update, any sun positions you set were reset when Enscape restarted. This feature improvement will save you time and improve visual consistency across all your views.

After installing Enscape 3.4, go to View Management > Create View to set the sun positions using the slider, input fields, or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+U/I for horizontal angle and Shift+U/I for elevation angle).

Further editing of existing views

Another workflow improvement you can take advantage of with Enscape 3.4 is the ability to adjust the camera and sun positions of your existing saved views. You no longer have to create a new view each time you want to change the camera angle or natural lighting for any previously created view.

Go to view management, select the edit icon next to the view you want to change and easily change the name, display preferences, camera and sun position all in one place with your mouse.