Interior design in 2023

Interior design in 2023 – what’s new? Designers know that trends in interior design reflect the events that are happening around us. The pace and lifestyle of people affects how they would like to see their home. Trends in the field of interior design are rarely replaced in their entirety. Most often, they either transition from one to the other or are slightly adjusted taking into account general trends in lifestyle. What are the most popular apartment interiors in 2023?

Yes, yes, this is not a mistake. Along with unyielding minimalism, its complete opposite enters the arena. Maximalism style appeared relatively recently as a response of people tired of too empty and neutral spaces.
Bright bold shades, different textures and materials are harmoniously combined here. At the same time, the key word is harmonious. Maximalism is not about stuffing colorful objects into one room. It is here that a sense of style and the ability to create a complex and diverse interior is manifested. Maximalism is the talent to combine seemingly incompatible things. Here it is allowed to use all riot of colors. Is yellow, red, green and purple tones in one room too much? Maybe before, but not now – maximalism skillfully juggles colorful colors.

Minimalism as an interior style has been at its peak for a long time. This is explained quite simply – after the bright 80s and 90s, people got tired of complicated interiors and preferred simple, light decoration of space. In addition, the way of life of a person has changed significantly in the new millennium. The house had to become as convenient as possible for users.
Minimalism coped well with this task. He completely rejected unnecessary elements of decor (except for bright accents) and put human comfort in the first place. Thus, it was assumed that the entire space of the house would primarily be functional, and not just beautiful.

At the same time, the designers managed to preserve the aesthetics in contrasts, the use of natural materials and small accents (for example, a bright chair or carpet).


Interior design in 2023   
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